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Are there any restrictions with regards to trading methods?

Any trading method which is prohibited under the terms of the User Agreement such as scalping, automated data entry system and hedging, or which falls under the definition of market abuse such as insider trading, as well as any prohibited activity such as an abuse of our bonus system, is not allowed on our trading platform. In such circumstances, we reserve the right to void all of your trades and/ or close your account. For more information, please read our User Agreement available on our website.

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Can I be in debt to you? / Can my account go into a negative balance?

Customers cannot lose more than the funds they have on their account. The “Margin Call” feature exists in order to prevent your account from having a negative balance. For more information please read “What is a Margin Call?

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Do you offer a Notifications service?

Yes, and it is completely free! You can receive notifications and alerts each time you open/close a position, when an instrument reaches a specific rate (price), prior to a Margin Call, etc. Using this service, you gain a certain degree of control over your Trading Account, even when you are logged out of the trading platform.

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Do you report taxes?

1. It is your responsibility to report and pay tax according to the laws in your local jurisdiction. Moreover, in certain countries we are obligated to withhold tax at source. Please refer to the User Agreement for the relevant provisions on this matter in your jurisdiction.

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How can I assess the financial status of my trading account?

You should familiarise yourself with the following definitions:

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How can I avoid a Margin Call?

Customers should monitor their balance at all times and make sure that they have sufficient funds in their trading account to maintain their open

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How can I get a report of my account’s activity?

There are two possible ways to generate a report of your closed positions, profits/losses, and more. If you trade on our WebApp, log in to your Plus500 account, click on “Menu” → “Tools“ → “Reports”. If you're on Mobile, go to “More“ → “Account” → “Reports”.

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How does ESG scoring work at Plus500?

An ESG score can help traders understand a company’s sustainability and long-term resilience on Environmental, Social, and Governance factors. Traders often analyse a company’s score and ranking for performance, potential trading opportunities, possible growth, and risks.

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How do I calculate my Margin requirements?

Initial Margin = (position's opening price*size of the trade)*initial margin percentage.
For example, let’s suppose you buy 30 Meta stocks CFDs for $75 each (a "Buy" position), then the value of the position would be 30*75=$2250. If the Initial margin percentage were 20%, then the required initial margin would be 20%*2250=$450.

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How do I close a position?

To close a position, click on the “Close Position” button on the main screen or in the “Open Positions” tab. Once you have clicked this button, a pop-up box will appear and you will need to confirm or cancel your request to close the position. In this pop-up box, you also have the option to partially close your position. For example, if you have a position on USD/JPY with an amount of $2000, you can choose to close the amount of $1000 and be left with a smaller position.

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