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Getting Started

Setting alerts is free, easy and available on all devices. You can create alerts by clicking the alert icon (  ) in the main trading screen, and you can view, edit and remove alerts by clicking the “Alerts” tab located in the application menu.

How to set an alert:

1. Click on the alert icon

Screenshot of Plus500 platform with magnifying glass and finger on Alert icon

2. Set alert values

Screenshot of Plus500 platform with magnifying glass on a Price Alert

3. Get notified in real-time

"Price Alert: EUR/USD
has reached 0.9765"


React to Price Movements as They Happen

Set Price alerts to get informed when an instrument reaches a specific Buy or Sell price.


You wish to know when Oil’s Buy price reaches $49.81 as you believe it is likely to rise. Set a price alert, and if Oil reaches that level, notifications will be sent to you via your preferred method of communication (email/SMS/push).

Screenshot of Price Alert screen in the Plus500 application

Change % (Daily or Hourly)

Receive Instant Notice About Percentage Increase or Decrease

Use Change % alerts to get notifications when an instrument’s absolute price change (positive or negative) reaches a certain level. Change % alerts can also be configured to recur on a daily or hourly basis.


You want to get notified when Natural Gas rises by 0.80% from the last trading session. After placing an alert, a global market event sends the price 0.80% higher, and you will receive an alert from which you can directly log in to your account.

Screenshot of Change % screen in the Plus500 application

Traders’ Sentiments (Buyers % vs. Sellers %)

Get to Know How Others Are Trading in Real-Time

The Traders’ Sentiments is a unique notification tool which is automatically triggered when the percentage of Buyers or Sellers (among Plus500 customers) reaches a certain level.


The current market trend for S&P 500 is 51% Buyers, 49% Sellers. You want to know when the Buyers % reaches or exceeds 56%, so you set a Traders’ Sentiments alert accordingly.

Screenshot of Traders' Sentiments screen in the Plus500 application


A Forex trading alert is a notification service sent via email/SMS/Push, for entering into a trade on a currency pair, such as the EUR/USD, at various prices and time periods. It is not the same as a Forex Trading Signal, which includes an indication of an expected direction.

Plus500 offers trading alerts, free-of-charge, across multiple asset classes. As well as Forex (Foreign Exchange), these can include Commodities, Shares, Indices and more.

Price alerts may help you to find out about and keep track of potential opportunities in global financial markets, without interrupting your daily routine.

You can create and manage price alerts on any financial instrument to be triggered when it reaches or exceeds a certain price. For example, you can place a price alert at $50 if Amazon is trading at $45, in order to potentially enter into a trade if and when the stock reaches or crosses the predefined trigger price.

To create a new alert, click on the Alert icon (  ) on the main screen or in the instrument “Details” screen. You can set 3 types of alerts on any financial instrument: Price Alert, Change % (daily / hourly) and Traders’ Sentiments (Buyers % vs Sellers %). To edit or remove an existing alert, click on the “Alerts” tab located in the application menu. In the Alerts screen you will be able to add and manage all your alerts.

Traders’ sentiments (also referred to as social sentiment indicators) provide an aggregated analysis on the activity of other Plus500 traders. Traders’ sentiments may help you to formulate your trading strategy while considering current trends in the Plus500 trading platform.

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