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Professional Traders

Plus500 offers its Professional Customers most of the protections offered to Retail Customers at no additional cost.

Please be Aware: leverage amplifies investor losses and gains; High leverage magnifies the costs of investment in respect of spreads and financing charges; Higher volumes of trading will result in increasing trading costs.

Can you apply for a Professional Account?

Can you apply for a Professional Account?
Have you placed an average of 10 trades of a significant size per quarter in the last year in a relevant market?
Question 1 of 3
Can you apply for a Professional Account?
Does your financial instrument portfolio exceed €500,000?
  • Cash
  • Shares
  • Derivatives*
  • Trading accounts
  • Debt instruments
Does not include:
  • Property portfolios
  • Direct commodity ownership
  • Non-tradable assets
*Only cash deposits made to fund/profits realised from investing in derivatives.
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Can you apply for a Professional Account?
Have you worked in the financial sector in a relevant role for at least one year?
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Can you apply for a Professional Account?
You might be eligible to apply for a professional account!
Do you already have a Plus500 account?
Leverage Table (max leverage)
Other Criteria
Leverage Table (max leverage)
Instruments Category Professional Account
Forex 1:300
Indices 1:150
Commodities 1:150
Shares 1:20
Options 1:5
ETFs 1:100
Crypto 1:5
Other Criteria
Criteria Professional Account
Cash Rebates
Client Money Protection
Negative Balance Protection
Best execution for orders
Financial Ombudsman Service
ICF rights -

Illustrative Example:

When Selling €15K of EUR/USD CFD at a Sell rate of 1.1750:

  • Professional clients with a leverage level of 1:300 will need an initial margin of €58.75.

Who is Eligible to Apply for a Professional Account?

Clients who meet at least 2 of the following 3 criteria are eligible:

  • Sufficient trading activity in last 12 months

    You have performed an average of at least 10 transactions per quarter, of significant size, over the previous four quarters on the relevant market1 (with Plus500 and/or other providers).

  • Financial instrument portfolio of over €500,000 (including cash savings and financial instruments)

    You will not be required to deposit this amount.
    The size of your financial instrument portfolio2 exceeds €500,000.

  • Relevant experience in the financial services sector

    You work/have worked in the financial sector, for at least one year in a professional position which requires knowledge of the related transactions or services.

1 Relevant Market - OTC Derivatives such as Leveraged CFDs, Forex, Spread Betting.
2 Financial instruments portfolio includes shares, derivatives (only cash deposits made to fund/profits realised from investing in derivatives), debt instruments and cash deposits. It does not include property portfolios, direct commodity ownership or notional values of leveraged instruments.

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