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Get Ready to Trade

When you are ready to get going, you should first sign up for a Demo Account and familiarize yourself with all the various features of Plus500’s platform, including notifications and reports. You will find everything you need under the Menu tab, including the ability to switch your display to ‘Dark Mode’.

Plus500 platform main menu.
Figure 1 Source: Plus500 Trading Platform, October 2020

Demo Trading

The Plus500 Demo Account is an exact replica of the live trading platform, which will allow you to learn how to trade on the Plus500 platform, practice CFD trading, develop strategies and build your experience in a realenvironment without the risk. A demo account is not just for beginners; with Plus500, every trader with a live trading account also has a demo account where they can test, develop and refine their trading strategies. Traders can easily switch between their live and demo accounts whenever they like, as the Demo Account is free and unlimited.
Note: It is important to make sure you are in the correct mode when you initiate a trade. For example, Plus500 cannot reverse or cancel a trade in the live environment just because you thought you were in Demo Mode.

Plus500 account mode selection.
Account balance bar.

Account mode tab.

Live Account

To switch from Demo Mode to Real Money , just click on the button on the bottom of your screen or in the main Menu. When you click Real Money, you will be moved to your live account, your orders will be processed according to your available funds, and margin requirements will be deducted from your account.

Figure 2 Source: Plus500 Trading Platform, October 2020. Subject to Operator.

Using the Plus500 Platform

There are three tabs that are crucial to your trading experience.

Three main tabs.

When you click on the Trade tab, you will see the entire trading platform, a list of all the available instruments, their Buy and Sell prices, as well as a record of recent InApp Notifications.
To find a list* of the different assets offered by Plus500, scroll down and they can be found on the left-hand side of the screen.

*Asset list is subject to region.

You can see the instruments’ Sell and Buy prices (Ask/Bid) and other market information in the centre of the screen. You can scroll up or down to see additional instruments, or use the asset locator on the left side, as illustrated above. If you click on the Sell or Buy buttons, an order ticket will open, so you can initiate your trade.

Plus500 trading platform.
Figure 3 Source: Plus500 Trading Platform, October 2020

Setting up Your Watchlist Instruments

You can also add your Watchlist instruments to the asset selection bar, making it easier to follow what you’re most interested in, by simply clicking on the star on the instrument screen.

Plus500 alert screen.

Getting Notifications and Updates

You can click on the Alert icon for any instrument to set up a notification request to be alerted of changes in price, percentage or Traders’ Sentiments*. You have the ability to customise the alerts to fit your individual needs and trading strategies. Learn more in our Trader’s Guide.

*Subject to operator.

Asset's information screen.
Figure 5 Source: Plus500 Trading Platform, October 2020.

Finding an Asset’s Information

When you select an instrument, there is a great deal of information available to you by clicking on the information icon. A window will open up and provide you with details of the instrument’s current Sell and Buy prices, as well as Plus500 Traders’ Sentiments*. You will also be able to see the spread, unit amount, leverage, margin requirements, trading hours and overnight funding fees.

*Subject to operator.

Open positons tab.

Once a trade is executed, you hold an Open Position. A list of all your open positions can be found by clicking on the Open Positions tab. The Profit/Loss (P&L) of an open position will move in line with movements in the underlying market and will affect the available balance in your account.

Orders tab.

An order is an instruction to open a position or trade when certain criteria (such as a price level or percentage change) are met. In most cases, these are referred to as limit orders. A limit order is triggered when the price in the underlying market moves past your specified entry level, providing the limit order price for opening a position. A list of all your current pending orders can be found by clicking on the Orders tab.

All the information or commentary in this document is published in good faith and for general information purposes only. Plus500 does not make any warranties about the completeness, reliability and accuracy of this information. Any action you take upon the information you find in this document, is strictly at your own risk, and Plus500 will not be liable for any losses and/or damages incurred.

* Subject to operator.

Plus500 does not claim to be an official academic institution that has received recognition from any country/government.

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