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NVIDIA, ASML, Indices: What’s Causing Market Volatility?

Plus500 | Thursday 18 April 2024

A plethora of factors shifted the markets this week as companies from NVIDIA to ASML generated market volatility and provided traders and investors with helpful information about the state of the stock market. 

Here’s what you need to know:

Bull vs Bear market

NVIDIA Tumbles: Is the AI Giant Losing Momentum?

After a stellar year for AI stocks, in general, and NVIDIA (NVDA), in particular, NVIDIA, along with other tech stocks, may be showing signs of weakness. 

On Wednesday, April 17, AI leader NVIDIA erased about 4% of its value, adding to losses experienced by other big names such as Microsoft (MSFT), Apple (AAPL), and Meta (META). While the exact reasons behind this failure are not clear, some analysts like Charles Schwab’s senior investment strategist, Kevin Godron, think “investors are really starting to catch on to the fact that there are other parts of the market that are doing well.”

Moreover, some attribute these drops to revived “investors’ interest rate worries.” This is due to the fact that Federal Reserve (Fed) chairman, Jerome Powell said that rate cuts will “take longer than expected.” While past performance does not reflect future results higher interest rates usually tend to cause losses in tech stocks. 

Nonetheless, despite these losses, it may be worth noting that AI demand “remains obvious,” and that companies like NVIDIA may be poised to grow in the future. For example, the tech giant recently revealed a new AI partnership with Alphabet’s Google Cloud.

Additionally, many market experts seem to be bullish on NVIDIA’s stock. Research from Evercore ISI suggests that NVIDIA could gain 81% “if investors realize that it’s more than just a chip company.” But only time will tell what actually lies ahead for this tech behemoth.

More Chip Stocks Fall: ASML, Intel, Qualcomm, Arm & More 

Besides NVIDIA, it seems that Wednesday, April 17, was far from kind to many chip stocks, especially after semiconductor maker ASML reported its earnings, reflecting a 61% bookings drop in Q1. This drop came in above expectations, possibly reflecting lower chip demand in the recent quarter. 

ASML is largely considered the sole “supplier of machines that are needed to build the most advanced chips in the world, which often cost hundreds of millions of dollars each.” As such, the results may have had rippling effects on chip stocks that day. ASML’s shares fell by more than 7%, and AMD, Intel, Qualcomm, and ARM wiped 6%, 2%, 2%, and 12% respectively. 

Commenting on this, ASML’s CEO Peter Wennink stated that “it’s pretty clear that in the next couple of quarters, significant orders need to come in.” Will chip stock regain momentum soon?

Indices’ Latest Falls

In light of the weaker tech performance and renewed interest rate worries, it may not come as a surprise to learn that many Wall Street Indices tumbled on Wednesday. The S&P 500, Nasdaq (US-TECH 100), and the Dow Jones Industrial Average (USA 30) ended the trading day with a loss of 0.58%, 1.15%, and 0.12% respectively. 

This marked the S&P 500’s and the Nasdaq’s fourth consecutive drop and the Dow Jones Industrial Average’s seventh negative session. (Source: CNBC)

United Airlines Soars 

In the face of global uncertainties and safety scrutiny over Boeing aircraft, United Airlines (UAL) traded higher on Wednesday morning following the release of better-than-anticipated earnings on Tuesday.

The American airline giant reported above-expected revenue and earnings, causing its stock to trade higher the following day. On the flip side, the ongoing regulatory issues with Boeing, whose aircraft are used by United Airlines, have certainly taken a toll on United as the latter revealed $200 million in losses driven by the Boeing 737 Max 9 grounding. 

What lies ahead for the aerospace industry, and how will Boeing, United Airlines, and other big names fare?


The markets moved in different directions this week as big names made headlines, reflecting the state of their respective sectors, and providing traders, analysts, and consumers with a possibly clearer picture of what the near future holds for their stocks. 

As the week continues and market watchers await anticipated earnings releases from industry leaders like Netflix, Nokia, and American Express, it will be interesting to see what else could cause market volatility

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