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FedEx, Nike, and General Mills to Release Earnings

Plus500 | Monday 19 December 2022

Coming at the end of a year characterised to a large extent by a significant degree of volatility, this week’s upcoming earnings releases may give investors some insight into how major companies have fared over the last quarter of 2022. Quarterly reports from Nike, FedEx, and General Mills are set to give earning calls on Tuesday, perhaps providing the markets with a foretaste of where the final earnings season of the year could go.

 FedEx, Nike, and General Mills to Release Earnings

Will FedEx Deliver?

FedEx (FDX) is expected to release its 2023 second fiscal quarter results tomorrow following market close. It’s been a bumpy road for the Memphis-based multinational delivery company for a variety of reasons.

The firm’s results from last quarter, released on September 22nd, could have been seen as underwhelming, with a marked decline in demand for shipping. FedEx’s executive suite cited a weak economy in Asia and issues with service in Europe as the proximate cause for a $500 million shortfall in revenue in these two areas. In order to cut costs, the company also moved to shut down over ninety FedEx Office branches and put the further reduction in overheads as a top priority. FedEx shares dropped by over 3.3% in value the day after the earnings release, September 23rd.

Despite the boost that may have been expected from the rapidly-approaching holiday season, many analysts still posit that the effects of global economic difficulties as well as rising labour costs could have a deleterious effect on the data to be released tomorrow. Even with an expected $2.7 billion saved by FedEx via cost-cutting measures over the quarter, Q2 revenue is expected to have declined year-over-year by 4% to $23.75 billion, with earnings per share coming in at $2.80. Whether this will help the firm recoup the one-third drop in share value seen so far in 2022 will be decided on the trading floor in the coming days.  (Source:Market Watch)

Nike Hits the Track

Another major company that has faced strong economic headwinds in recent months is set to release earnings this week as well. Nike (NKE), expected to announce its Q2 2023 results tomorrow after the closing bell, has been struggling to cut excess inventory throughout the quarter. Because of disruptions to its production and shipping lines due to factory closures in Southeast Asia, as well as a drop in demand in China, Nike’s warehouses filled up with unsold stock in the autumn.

Although according to some estimates, the issue of excess inventory reached its peak last quarter, the coast is not yet clear. It’s expected that demand for Nike’s product line has seen a jump, but with shipping lines still far from kink-free, the picture isn’t all rosy. Revenue estimates for Q2 2023 see an 11% year-over-year increase to $12.6 billion; however, earnings per share could decline by over 21% to 65 cents. With Nike’s share price having taken an over 36% hit so far this year, how traders will react to the results tomorrow will be interesting.(Source:Nasdaq)

General Mills’ Inflation Boost?

Consumer food giant General Mills (GIS) is set to release Q2 2023 results tomorrow before the markets open. In contrast to the aforementioned two companies, the prevailing economic trends of recent months may have been beneficial for General Mills’ bottom line over the course of the quarter.

Inflation is, by now, nothing new to those who have been following the financial headlines, and the fact that the cost of food throughout the industrialised world has been rising is no surprise. While this brings increased costs for General Mills, steady demand for its alimentary products may have worked in the firm’s favour. 

Estimates are for revenue to have increased by over two percent compared to the year-ago quarter to reach $5.15 billion, with earnings per share showing a 7% increase to come in at $1.06. General Mills stock is up by almost 29% so far this year, but whether tomorrow’s release will keep investors optimistic is as yet unclear.

FedEx, Nike, and General Mills, while involved in vastly different market sectors, have all faced challenging global market conditions in 2022. After their releases this week, the markets could get a foretaste of how consumer behaviour could affect the final earnings season of the year. 

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