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AI Drives NVIDIA Upward

Plus500 | Thursday 22 February 2024

NVIDIA (NVDA) reported its quarterly earnings results on Wednesday, February 21. Following this, the tech giant made headlines, rose over 5%, and led many artificial intelligence (AI) stocks to rally.

Let’s take a closer look at NVIDIA’s latest earnings report:

An illustration of an AI chip

NVIDIA Unravels Gains

According to the upbeat report, whereas many analysts expected an adjusted earnings per share (EPS) of $4.59 and sales of $20.4 billion, NVIDIA reported above expectations at an adjusted EPS of $5.16 and sales of $22.1 billion. 

Additionally, the company’s earnings gained a whopping 486% YoY and its sales gained 265%. These positive results were deemed NVIDIA’s “third straight quarter of triple-digit percentage growth in sales and earnings."

For reference, during the same quarter the year before, the company’s EPS came in at $0.88 and its revenue landed at $6.1 billion, while its revenue for the entirety of 2022 amounted to $27 billion.

The results may not come as a surprise to many savvy traders and market watchers, given NVIDIA’s 40% gain since the beginning of this year, and considering the fact that earlier this month, it hit an astounding market cap of $1.82 trillion, making it the third-most valuable US company following Apple (AAPL) and Microsoft (MSFT).

NVIDIA price chart on 22 of February 2024

NVIDIA’s Strongest Segments

It is no secret that AI has been gaining traction recently and that NVIDIA is considered among the main companies to advance it. Accordingly, many of NVIDIA’s recent strengths can be attributed to the AI boom.

According to NVIDIA’s CEO, Jensen Huang, "accelerated computing and generative AI have hit the tipping point," and caused demand for NVIDIA’s products to surge “worldwide across companies, industries and nations.”

Huang also revealed that NVIDIA’s services and its Data Center sector which includes GPUs and AI apps, have seen accelerated demand from cloud computing companies, software enterprises, consumer internet businesses, and gaming as he specifies that “vertical industries — led by auto, financial services, and healthcare — are now at a multibillion-dollar level."

AI Stocks Rally in Response 

NVIDIA’s Wednesday gains were not only constrained to this chip giant as it spread a rally across multiple AI companies and rivals like Super Micro Computer (SMCI), Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), and ARM Holding (ARM) as they respectively gained about 6%, 3%, and 6%. 

What’s Next for NVIDIA?

The results not only exceeded analysts’ expectations but also revealed stronger-than-expected guidance for the first quarter of this year as it projected an estimated revenue growth of 2% (approximately $24 billion) whereas Wall Street analysts predicted a quarterly revenue of $21.9 billion.

Moreover, adding to the positive predictions, the company forecasted a “bigger AI boom.” Huang stated that “demand will continue to be stronger than [NVIDIA’s] supply throughout the year,” stating that the company will do its best to keep up with the expected pace. Nonetheless, only time will tell what actually lies ahead for this AI leader.

NVIDIA’s Impending Challenges?

Despite the positive results and a seemingly hopeful outlook for the company’s future trajectory, it's important to note that NVIDIA still faces multiple challenges and potential hurdles that could hinder its projected growth, including the following:


The ongoing US-SINO tech bans, as these two large economies attempt to minimize their reliance on each other for technology, including AI chips, has taken a toll on NVIDIA, which lost significant revenue streams, according to the company's CFO, Colette Kress.

As more and more tech bans from these two economies materialize, it will be interesting to see how they might affect NVIDIA and what actions the company will take to compensate for any possible losses.

Rising Competition

FAANG companies such as Microsoft, Alphabet, and Amazon, many of which currently collaborate with NVIDIA and utilize its AI products, may be seeking ways to reduce their reliance on NVIDIA's AI by developing their own AI services. 

Nevertheless, NVIDIA seems to be aware of this possibility. According to a Reuters report, NVIDIA has met with these tech companies, and OpenAI “to discuss building custom chips for them.”

Legal Scrutiny

NVIDIA has faced scrutiny from regulatory authorities. For example, in September, France's antitrust authority raided NVIDIA's offices. Additionally, the company was questioned about its business practices by regulators in the European Union and the UK. (Source: The Wall Street Journal)


Despite NVIDIA’s positive earnings report, traders and investors alike may want to keep tabs on any possible hurdles in the way, such as rising competition, ongoing US-SINO tech tensions, and possible legal pressures, to see what and how this might affect the company in the long run to make more informed trading decisions.

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