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Beyond Meat Up More Than 70% Despite Lower Net Revenues in 2023

Carolane de Palmas | Wednesday 28 February 2024

Beyond Meat (BYND), which is traded on the NASDAQ (US-TECH 100), reported its earnings results on Tuesday, February 27, and made headlines by rising over 70% in after-hours trading. At the closing bell on the 27th of February before the earnings release, its stock price has lost 14.45% since January 2024 and 59.64% since February 27 of 2023.

Let’s have a closer look at Beyond Meat’s Q4 2023 earnings report and its outlook for 2024:

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Beyond Meat Shares Soar after Better-Than-Expected Q4 2023

Despite a fall in net revenues of 7.8% to $73.7 million for Q4 2023 compared to Q4 2022, the company’s performance is better than the analysts’ estimation of $66.7 million, according to LSEG data, which is typically positive news for the related shares. 

Another factor bolstering the stock price may be the management's commitment to reducing operating expenses and enhancing margins, aiming for sustainable profitability and growth, as stated by Ethan Brown, Beyond Meat President and CEO. 

In the earnings release, Brown explained that 2023 was a year in which the company had to think about the initiatives to be undertaken to ensure that the business would support sustainable operations in the future. In 2024, the firm aims to adapt its pricing on certain product lines, especially in the United States — a key market for the company — as prices had to be lowered to support demand locally. 

Moreover, the company expects to “steeply” continue cutting operating costs this year through further job cuts, as well as the streamlining of its production. 

Despite Higher Net Revenues in Q4, Overall Net Revenues for 2023 Are Down 18%

While Beyond Meat's share price saw a significant increase following the earnings for the Q4 2023 release, the overall financial performance of the company for 2023 is largely negative. (Source: CNBC)

Net revenues amounted to $343.4 million last year, marking an 18% decrease compared to 2022. Additionally, the company reported a much wider gross profit loss of $82.7 million last year, resulting in a gross margin of -24.1%, in contrast to a loss of $23.7 million and a gross margin of -5.7% in 2022. 

Even though it slightly improved, the company's adjusted EBITDA still experienced a loss at $269.2 million, compared to an adjusted EBITDA loss of $278.0 million, in 2022. 

These figures seem to indicate a significant decline in the company's financial health in the past year, with lower revenues, increased losses, and a weaker gross margin compared to 2022.

Beyond Meat Remains Cautious for 2024

In its Q4 earnings release, the company highlights several uncertainties that could weigh on its activity and profitability in 2024, especially those surrounding the macroeconomic landscape, such as inflation and high interest rates

Beyond Meat also expects the trend of lowered demand for plant-based meat to continue in 2024. It is also uncertain how its clients will react to the changes the company wants to implement this year in its pricing architecture to improve its margins (rising prices in some product lines). Or, how efficient its inventory management will be this year, given that inventory levels were high in 2023.


Despite Beyond Meat’s stronger-than-expected results for Q4 2023, traders always need to bear in mind the big picture, as outperforming figures do not necessarily mean a healthy financial situation. In 2023, for instance, the plant-based meat producer company experienced a YoY decline of 18% and 24.10% in its net revenues and gross profit respectively. 

Moreover, the firm expects to face some challenges in 2024 and forecasts its annual net revenues to reach between $315 million and $345 million, potentially falling short of the $343.4 million recorded in 2023.

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