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The Top Natural Gas Companies in the World

Date Modified: 26/07/2023

Natural Gas has gone from being an unwanted byproduct of Oil wells to an in-demand fuel source. Consumers hail Natural Gas’ lower price point and cleaner emissions when compared to traditional Oil. CFD Traders use the commodity’s seasonal volatility and increased global demand to help them try to predict the movement of Natural Gas futures.

This fossil fuel is extracted out of the ground, making it no surprise that established Oil companies are the production leaders in the Natural Gas industry. This is due to their accessibility to the technology and equipment needed for efficient extraction of these in-demand resources which are trapped deep below the earth’s surface.

Largest Natural Gas Companies

The Natural Gas industry is made of a large ecosystem that prospects, extracts, refines, and delivers fuel to end users and power production sites.

The largest companies in this ecosystem are producers. While they have the largest upfront investment, such as prospecting, drilling, and extraction, anything they pump out of their wells becomes their asset.

This is seen through the value of the world’s top producers, such as Russia’s Gazprom, which accounts for 12% of global output. This is followed by Exxon, China National Petroleum (CNPC), Royal Dutch Shell, BP, Chevron, and Total.

Trading Natural Gas Producers CFDs

You can trade CFDs on some of the largest Natural Gas Companies on the Plus500 platform, including:

  • Exxon (XOM)- Is the largest Oil and Gas producer in the United States with a market capitalization of nearly $189 billion in January 2020.
  • BP (BP-L)- London-based BP has global operations dedicated to the exploration and extraction of Natural Gas and Oil. Their market capitalization as of June 2020 stood around $74.4 Billion.
  • Chevron (CVX)- With Oil and Natural Gas fields in Asia, Australia, Africa, Europe, Latin America, and North America, Chevron manages extraction and production of lubricants, petroleum-based products, and gasoline. Their market capitalization was worth an estimated $172 Billion in June 2020.
  • Total (FP.PA)- A French based integrated gas company (manages production through end-user delivery), which operates extraction fields in Europe, the Middle East, Russia, and beyond. Their market capitalization in June 2020 was worth close to $101 billion.

As with any industry, the stock price of these producers relies on their ability to source new technologies and deliver them to their market at a profitable price.

For example, if you believe that Exxon’s share price is going to rise, you can open a Buy position on Exxon shares CFDs to go long and recognize profits from the price difference between your initial buy price and the higher closing price. However, if the price were to fall you would incur a loss.

On the other hand, if you believe that the price of Exxon’s shares are going to fall due to global, economic, or any other factors, you can open a Sell position on Exxon shares CFDs. This will allow you to recognize profit from the difference between the opening price and a lower closing price. However, if the price rises after you open a Sell position, you will incur a loss.

Exxon in mobile view.

Illustrative prices.

Trading Top Natural Gas Companies

Profit and growth for Natural Gas and Oil companies are at the mercy of the market. Since their values are directly tied in large part to the value of the commodities they hold, low Oil and Natural Gas prices devalue corporations and discourages production.

This combination of fluctuating asset values and traded shares introduces potential price volatility. CFD traders can open positions on a stock’s movement, regardless if the value of the share rises or falls.

With the Natural Gas industry shifting its output in 2006, tradable futures, options, and shares have proven to be volatile and at times unpredictable, presenting unique opportunities for prepared traders.

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