How can I assess the financial status of my trading account?

You should familiarise yourself with the following definitions:

Balance: deposits - withdrawals + P&L of closed positions.
It does not include the profit/loss of the current open positions.

Available Balance: balance + P&L of open positions - initial margins.
This is the amount you have available on your account.

P&L: profit + loss + daily overnight funding * number of days.
This is the total profit and loss for all open positions including daily overnight funding.

Equity: balance + P&L of open positions.
This is the current value of your account.

This information is available to you on the main platform screen.

Further information about the current financial status of your account can be found in your “Account Snapshot”. To review it, click on “Funds Management” → “Account Snapshot”, or “Menu” → “Account” → “Account Snapshot” in the apps.

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