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Accessibility Declaration - Website Accessibility for People with Disabilities

Plus500IL Ltd attaches great importance to adapting its website in accordance with the needs of visitors with disabilities, based on our worldview suggesting that all people should be given equal opportunity and accessibility to Internet services and information, thus enabling a better and more convenient surfing experience.
The website is accessible in compliance with Israeli standard 5568 - "Guidelines for Access to Internet Contents", at the AA level.

Actions taken as part of making the website accessible

Following are some of the actions taken as part of making the website accessible:

  • Website contents are written in a simple and clear language, and are well organized via headings and lists;
  • Contrasting colors between the content and background;
  • Alt text for images;
  • Navigation and orientation tools on the website are easy and convenient to use;
  • A fixed and uniform structure for all sub-sites and pages on the website;
  • The links on the website are clear and contain explanations regarding the page they are leading to;
  • The font size can be changed by using the CTRL key and the mouse scroll wheel;
  • The site is compatible with various browsers;
  • The site is adjusted to be used at different resolutions;
  • Navigation using a keyboard - by pressing the Tab button, you can switch between various areas of the site.


We consider the accessibility of our website to be of major importance and therefore, we have made and continue to make efforts to enable access to all website pages and to comply with the provisions of the law. We continuously strive to improve website accessibility and company's services, based on out worldview suggesting that all people should be able to use the website, including people with disabilities, while ensuring compliance with the law. We continue our efforts to improve the accessibility of the site and the Company's services, in view of our worldview to allow the use of the site for the general public, including people with disabilities, and in accordance with the requirements of the legislation.

Feedback and queries regarding accessibility:

We would be happy to receive queries and suggestions to improve website accessibility. Shall you encounter website pages and/or any part of them that are not properly accessible, please contact us via the "Contact Us" page (Company > FAQ > Email Us).

October 2017

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