Plus500 Pro

ASIC’s Product Intervention Order has implemented lower leverage levels for all Retail Clients. Check if you are eligible for a Plus500 Pro account to access higher leverage levels.

Higher Leverage

Gain access to a maximum
leverage of up to 1:300.

Seamless Transition

As a Pro, you keep most of the
protections offered to Retail Clients.

More Opportunities

You may be eligible for rebates and
other bonuses.

Trading more with less

As a Pro, you can access higher leverage levels and keep most benefits offered to Retail Clients at no additional cost!

Max Leverage
Other Criteria
Max Leverage
Instruments Category Retail Account Professional Account
Major Forex 1:30 1:300
Minor Forex 1:20 1:300
Major Indices 1:20 1:300
Gold 1:20 1:150
Commodities (excluding Gold) 1:10 1:150
Minor Indices 1:10 1:300
Shares 1:5 1:20
Options 1:5 1:5
ETFs 1:5 1:100
Crypto 1:2 1:20
Other Criteria
Protection Retail Account Professional Account
Client Money Protection
Negative Balance Protection
Transparent Execution & Pricing
Real Time Disclosure
Product Disclosure Statement & Financial Services Guide -
Recourse To AFCA -
Margin Close Out Protection
Inducements -

How it Works:

For example, with an initial margin of AU$5,000, you can gain the following exposure in AUD/USD:

  • As a Pro Trader with a leverage of 1:300,
    you will gain the effect of AU$1,500,000 capital.

  • As a Retail Trader with a leverage of 1:20,
    you will gain the effect of AU$100,000 capital.


How to apply for Plus500 Pro

You can be categorised as a Wholesale Investor* and upgrade to Plus500 Pro if you meet one of the following conditions:

  • Assets:
    You have net assets of at least AU$2.5M.**

    ** Net assets refer to the total worth of your property and home, superannuation trust funds, value of business, car, caravan, boat, shares and savings, and any other investments.

  • - - - or - - -
  • Income:
    Your gross income for each of the last two financial years was at least AU$250,000.

* The term 'Wholesale Investor’ is used equivocally to denote ‘Professional Trader’.

Getting started


Sign up for a
Plus500 account


Provide Certificate by a
Qualified Accountant1


Once approved,
start trading as a Pro!

Just one step: Provide the following Certificate, signed by a Qualified Accountant.

Please note: Greater market exposure in light of higher leverage could involve greater risks.


1 By providing this certificate, you hereby acknowledge that you wish to apply to be treated as a Wholesale Investor, that you understand the implications, and that at any time you can withdraw your consent by contacting us.
2 By primary relationships. Investment Trends 2021 Australia Leverage Trading Report.

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