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A popular energy commodity, traded on the New York Mercantile Exchange Future-CME

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A popular energy commodity, traded on the New York Mercantile Exchange Future-CME

Spread 0.0071 Spread (%) 0.18%
Overnight funding - Buy -0.0242% Overnight funding - Sell -0.0196%
Initial margin 10.00% Maintenance margin 5.00%
Leverage 1:10 Expires daily No
Futures Contract August 2022
Automatic rollover

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Plus500 News & Market Insights

What’s Next for the Oil Market?
Jun 20 2022

What’s Next for the Oil Market?

Today’s Oil traders have kept black gold’s price per barrel from falling by the same amount as was seen last Friday. However, a host of different factors could stand to affect the course of global petrol markets over the near term.

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Oil Prices Rebound
May 30 2022

Oil Prices Rebound

Oil prices have been rising over the past week, with both Crude and benchmark Brent Oil on an upward trend. The beginning of summer as well as rebounding Chinese demand could be the proximate causes.

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Oil’s Price Rollercoaster Continues
Mar 31 2022

Oil’s Price Rollercoaster Continues

Traders on global Oil markets pushed black gold’s price down on Thursday morning. Continuing peace talks as well as a lockdown in Shanghai and a potential release of U.S. strategic reserves could have contributed to this downtrend.

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