What is a “Close at Profit Order” (or Stop Limit Order)?

This feature allows you to set a specific rate at which your position will close , in order to protect your profit

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What is a “Guaranteed Stop Order”?

During certain market conditions (in a volatile market, for example) your Stop Loss Order might not be executed at your exact preferred

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What is the Initial Margin?

In order to open a new position, you must have a certain amount of funds in your trading account (your account’s equity must exceed

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What is the Maintenance Margin?

The maintenance margin level is the amount of equity a customer needs to maintain in order to keep a position open. To view the maintenance

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What is a Margin Call?

Should your equity fall below the maintenance margin amount, Plus500 will make a Margin Call and close any/all open positions.

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What is the minimum amount required to start trading?

Trading at Plus500 is conducted by opening positions on financial instruments. Each instrument has a defined “Unit Amount”, which is the minimum

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What is a Pip?

Price interest point (pip) measures the smallest unit of change in a financial instrument’s price. Typically, it refers to the last decimal or digit of the instrument price.

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What is a “Trailing Stop Order”?

A Trailing Stop Order is designed to protect profits by enabling a position to remain open as long as the price is moving in the right direction

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What kind of Stop Orders do you offer?

You can use 4 types of “Stop Orders”

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What are the risks involved in trading CFDs?

There are a number of risks involved in trading CFDs. These risks may lead to unfavourable financial outcomes for you. Monitoring of all risks

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